Job Yellowhead


The Job Yellowhead Memorial Education Scholarship covers the cost of university tuition, books, and incidental expenses for up to five years of continuous study at an accredited university. If necessary, a monthly living allowance may also be available during the first year.

Successful applicants must register for no less than four full courses in their first year leading to a degree in one of the following areas:

  1. Liberal Arts or Science
  2. Religious Studies
  3. Philosophy
  4. Law
  5. Medicine
  6. Business Administration
  7. Journalism
  8. Native/Aboriginal/Indigenous Studies

The student must enroll at an accredited university in Winnipeg for at least the first two years of study. Thereafter, the student is free to study at any accredited university that is also acceptable to the Board of Directors.

Upon completion of a degree and within ten years of the beginning of his or her studies, the student is expected to pay back, in the form of a donation to the Job Yellowhead Memorial Education Fund, the funds forwarded during the first year of supported study without interest. This will ensure that the Job Yellowhead Memorial Education Fund will be able to continue to assist future students to realize their educational dreams.

While the intent of the Education Fund is to provide continuous support to a student for up to five years, on occasion single scholarships of up to $3000.00 have been awarded to deserving applicants.

This scholarship is not available every year. Please refer to the home page or the Application form for information on the current status of the scholarship.

For more specific funding details please refer to the Application form