Job Yellowhead


Recipients of funding from The Job Yellowhead Memorial Education Fund must be aboriginal Canadians who are residents of Manitoba, and who are considered to be one of the following:

  1. status Indian
  2. non-status Indian
  3. Métis
  4. Inuit

Successful candidates must demonstrate the following traits of interest, character, and philosophy:  the qualities of love, compassion, honesty, integrity, initiative, leadership, and the ability to be a problem solver.  They should have a strong social conscience; have a strong aboriginal cultural identity; demonstrate a desire to work for the improvement of the standard of living in the aboriginal community, and for the improvement of the relationship between the general society and the aboriginal community.  Candidates must have demonstrated an acceptable level of academic performance at the high school level.  A sense of perseverance for success throughout school, and an involvement in community activities would also be considered assets.

The Job Yellowhead Memorial Education Fund is fundamentally dedicated to aboriginal students who choose to remain in school.  Applicants should currently be completing or have recently completed high school.  The scholarship cannot be applied to mature student programs.

Priority will be given to the applicant who demonstrates the most serious financial need and who stands the least likelihood of being able to obtain financial assistance from any other source in order to pursue a university education.