Job Yellowhead

Job Yellowhead

Job Yellowhead was a status Native Canadian who had a fierce pride in his culture, a strong aboriginal identity, a rapier wit and an enormous love for all people.

Job was very intelligent and wise for his years. He was working very hard at developing the traits of character and responsibility that are criteria for students who will become recipients of The Job Yellowhead Memorial Education Fund.

With all of his capabilities and untried potential, Job surely would have prospered academically if the opportunity for an education had been there for him.

This scholarship for aboriginal youth has been established in memory of Job Yellowhead.

Jim Finlayson, 1989

TheJob Yellowhead Fund Board of Directors:
Lynne Dunford, President
Sachi Guilbert, Secretary
Naomi Guilbert, Chairperson Selection Committee
Glenn Matsumoto, Chairperson Mentoring Committee
Rae Wallin

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